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Is H4 travel advisable when H1B extension application is filed ?

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  • Is H4 travel advisable when H1B extension application is filed ?

    Hello Members

    I have a peculiar and curious case of H1 and H4.My organzation's legal team is taking a long time to decide upon it.I am mentioning it in a series of events for reader's clarity.

    2016 Aug : I got through lot process and was provided with a H1B petition valid until 2017 Oct
    2017 Mar : got my H4 stamping
    2017 June : applied for an amendment
    2017 July : got stamped while my amendment was still in progress. My visa has a mention of amendment.
    2017 Oct : received a RFE.The same month my H1B visa expired and I did not travel even once all the while I had a valid visa.
    2017 Dec : The RFE has been responded to.
    2018 Feb : I plan to travel in my H4 visa for a short duration and will be back.Meanwhile,my H1 extension application will be filed by my organization and I should have reached US already by then.
    My dependent extension will also be filed by my Husband's organization during this period.

    Now my questions ;

    1.Are these h1 and h4 process mutually independent or both my applications will be a conflict?
    2.Will my presence in US affect my H1B or H4 decision ?
    3.Will my H4 application go void if I am travelling back before the decision arrives?
    4.Is it advisable to travel as H4 now?I am travelling mainly for H4 extension

    Please help me decide.

    Thanks in advance