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H-1B Transfer and H-1B Extension in Parallel

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  • H-1B Transfer and H-1B Extension in Parallel


    I’m in company A and have planned to move to company B. Company B filed for my H1 transfer which resulted in RFE in November 2017 and they will be filing reply in first half of February 2018.

    Now, I’m working with company A and my I-797 and I-94 is expiring in April 2018. Company A is working on my extension petition preparation and would be filing in Mid-Feb 2018. So, below are my concerns/queries:

    1. Would Company B’s RFE and H1 transfer affect my company A’s extension?
    2. Company A won’t be able to provide SOW or client letter with my extension as they are still in discussion on contract extension which expires mid-may, almost a month after my petition expiry. I’m already expecting a RFE in that case. So, if my H1 transfer gets approved from company B, can I ask them to file another extension for me from their end? Will their request impact my original extension request?

    Please let me know.