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Change or amend of H4 extension before getting the approval?

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  • Change or amend of H4 extension before getting the approval?


    I have a specific situation here.

    My I-94 is valid till 18th June 2018 but my wife I-94 on H4 visa is till 31st Jan 2018 due to her passport expiry date. We overlooked to renew her I-94 after we got her new passport. Now, we are away from very few days.

    We are planning to go to CBP Deferral Office near the Atlanta airport to see if they can renew the I-94 based on the valid petition which valid till June 2018. But based on the search online, it is not sure that they would always renew it.

    As per my employer, backup option is to just apply for my wife H4 extension right away on 30th Jan 2018 so that it can reach on 31st Jan 2018 to USCIS so that she wont be considered as out of status.
    But, when we do this extension, we will get the approval till June 18th 2018 based on the current petition. Also, it may take more than 6 months to get the approval as we can't do premium just for H4 visa extension.

    So, there could be the situation that when we get her H4 approval (which is for up to June 18th 2018), it may already be expired depending on how much time they take to process.

    Based on this background, my question is, if we apply for the H4 extension for her right now, can we be able to submit another one along with my H1b extension before we get the approval?
    Will we be able to amend or change the H4 extension which we file right now alone later?

    What are the other options?

    Immediate response will be really appreciated as I am in time crunch right now.