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L1B to H1B visa transfer

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  • L1B to H1B visa transfer


    I am in US on L1B with my spouse on L2. My I94 is valid till 2020 but my employer has asked me to initiate my H1B process given that it is a lottery system and the more chances I take the better. Before filing for H1B I had some queries which I wanted to clear:

    1) I would like to go with consular processing rather than COS, is it possible to choose one option over other?

    2) My spouse would be working soon. Suppose I file for H1B and I get selected in lottery in October. Now since I have opted for consular processing, I can go anytime for my visa stamping. Is it possible to delay my H1B stamping till my spouse's employer also files her H1B and we go for stamping together(hopefully in 2019 october)?

    3) If it is possible to delay stamping of my H1B visa, how further can I delay it? Also, if I want to go outside of US with my L1 (H1B not stamped yet), would it be fine or would I be restricted to stay in US till I stamp my H1B? Or, traveling outside of US would revoke my H1B?

    4) If traveling outside of US revokes my H1B(because I entered with my L1), would I still have to go under lottery system if I apply for H1B again?

    These are a lot of questions but it would really be helpful if somebody could provide assistance in this regard.

    Thank you in advance.
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