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H1B with 221g - Administrative Processing - No update

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  • H1B with 221g - Administrative Processing - No update

    Hi Team,

    I have given my H1B interview in Hyderabad on 14th Dec 2015 and I have the visa stamped with 3 year validity till 2018. I have resigned and joined a new company but the visa is with the old company and I did not travel to the US. I have applied for change of employer from an employer in the US and given my visa Interview on 19th June 2017. I was given white 221g form and the VO told me that the case needs additional administrative processing. Its been more than 7 months and I have not received any update either on the website and over the call to the consulate.

    I have tried applying for H4 and given my interview on 21st Oct 2017 and the VO has given me 221g White form and told me that the case is linked with my H1B. Now my current employer wants me to travel to the US with B1 for 5 weeks. I am worried. Kindly help me.

    Thank You.