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H1B Query : Transfer Or New file

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  • H1B Query : Transfer Or New file

    Hello Team

    I hold valid stamped H1B visa which will expire in August 2018. This visa was filed by my previous employer A and I also traveled on this visa in July 2016 but stayed in US for around 3 months only and came back to India in September 2016. After coming back to India, I left this employer A and joined another employer B in India in February 2017. Since my current employer does not have open positions in US, I would not be able to travel to US through my current employer B.

    So, want to apply for open demands in USA directly through various job portals like dice.com but before I do that I want to know
    1) if my new employer C would need to file new H1B Or an H1B transfer will work ?
    2) How H1b transfer is different for the one in US and the one who is out of US (note both hold valid stamped H1B visa though) ?

    Appreciate a quick response.