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H1B Query : Transfer Or New file

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  • H1B Query : Transfer Or New file

    Hello Team

    I have valid stamped H1B visa which is going to expire in August 2018. This visa was filed by my previous employer A and I had traveled on this visa in July 2016 but after staying in US for around 3 months I came back to India in September 2016. After I came back to India, I left my previous employer A and joined my current employer B in India in February 2017. Now I am ready to travel again but since my current employer B does not have any open position in US, I want to directly apply for open demands there through various job portals like dice.com but before I do that I want to know

    1) if my new employer C would need to file new H1B or an H1B transfer would work ?
    2) if transfer would work, can I use the pay slips from July 2016 to September 2016 ?
    3) if new H1B, then would that be cap exempt ?