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Path from L1B to H1B or E3 with GC in progress

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  • Path from L1B to H1B or E3 with GC in progress

    I am current on L1B visa, which started in Sep 2014 and will expire Aug 2019. Finally, my employer started the GC process for me, in the meanwhile they are working on the H1B lottery. I can try twice before L1B expires.

    I understood H1B can be extended infinitely with approved I-140.

    My question is:
    - Suppose I-140 is approved and I win H1B lottery, can the H1B petition be filed for 3 years directly before L1B expires? Or I have to switch to H1B for 1 year, then extend it further?

    - If I-140 is approved and I fail in the H1B lottery, I am planning to fall back to E3 as Australian. Will using E3 visa impact my GC application?

    Any advice is much appreciated.