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H1B Transfer approved - Staying with current employer

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  • H1B Transfer approved - Staying with current employer


    I got a job offer with new employer and they have filed for H1B transfer (Note: Basis of classification in I129 was selected as 'Change of Employer'). The H1 transfer got approved with effective date as Feb 5th 2018.

    I have not joined the new employer yet and I am really debating the decision right now. In the mean time, I hear from the new employer immigration team that I have to join them on 5th Feb 2018 and its illegal for me to work for my current employer. FYI - I have a valid H1B & I94 with my current employer until May 12th 2018. Given this, I have below questions -

    Is it mandatory that I need to join new employer on 02/05/2018?
    Do I get grace period beyond 02/05/2018? If so, how many days?
    Is it not legal to work for my current employer beyond 02/05/2018 even though I have an approved H1B with my current employer with valid I94 until May 2018?
    If it is not legal, why is that?
    Thank you, really appreciate helping me in this regard.