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USCIS Site visit - Please help

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  • USCIS Site visit - Please help


    I got my H1B approved in nov'2017 and employer filed for inhouse project. USCIS officer visited to my employer office but found I dont work at that location.

    My job is mostly remote work so I stay most of the time working from home which is 100 miles away from employer office location.

    USCIS officer called me and said u r lying, u dont work at this location and u work at different location which is not in ur LCA.

    My employer has filed for LCA and amendment now

    I have following questions, Please help me to clarify them.

    Q1. What happens if I receive intent of revoke?

    Q2. If this H1B is revoked, will i goto Out of status and not stay in this country anymore?

    Q3. If this H1B Revoked, Is it possible if i find new job and let the new employer have H1B transfer ?

    Q4. If my H1B is revoked , can I apply for H4 and stay in USA as my wife is on H1?

    Q5. Should I change my employer?

    Q6. Apart from above all what is the safe decision to take to be in US legally ?