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H1B RFE at Chennai Consulate - Employer is a startup.

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  • H1B RFE at Chennai Consulate - Employer is a startup.

    Hey everyone,

    I submitted my H1B application through dropbox on Jan 2, 2018 and got the 221(g) blue form asking me to visit the Chennai Consulate with a checklist of documents. I took all the documents listed in the blue form and after checking all those documents, the officer asked me for my recent paystubs and W2s. Unfortunately, I didn't carry these documents since they weren't part of the checklist. After some more questioning, the officer returned my passport and gave me another 221(g) blue form which indicated I need to e-mail my last 2 year's paystubs and W2s to the consulate e-mail id. This interview was on 12th Jan, 2018 and I e-mailed them all required documents on that day itself. Since then my application has been under administrative processing.

    In terms of background, a year earlier I was working for one of the top companies in Silicon Valley for 6 years and moved to a startup a year ago. The startup is currently small with about 25 employees in total. Based on my interview experience at the Consulate it seemed like the concern was verifying my pay and verifying the status of the company.

    I was wondering if anyone here has been in a similar situation (Employee is a startup and/or second 221(g) at the consulate) and can provide some guidance/advise?