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DS 160, Need Help! Current Employer

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  • DS 160, Need Help! Current Employer

    I would really appreciate some help with my DS-160. I've working for a company for a while under an approved H-1B petition. Last month, I came to my home country. I need to submit my DS-160 to get a visa ASAP. My employer had some kind of corporate restructuring and had its name changed. I was told by my employer's lawyer I should fill in my old petition's number in my DS-160, but I should fill in my employer's current name (the new name) instead of the old name. He gave me some documents and told me I should show them to the visa officer to prove my employer was a successor. Do I really need to fill in my employer's new name and show the documents? I'm worried it will get my visa delayed or denied. Can I just fill in my employer's old name in my DS-160?