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Change from L1-> F1->OPT->H1B

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  • Change from L1-> F1->OPT->H1B

    I am on L1B from Sep 2017.
    I will be working in the US until Aug 2019 on L1B (came here for 2 years of work although my L1B is valid for 3+2 years).
    I am planning to enroll into part time Masters while i work for my company until Aug 2019.
    I have some questions with respect to that procedure:
    1. Can I work for my Employer as well as go to school on L1B? or Should I convert it to F1 before starting my school?
    2. If I can start my Masters on L1B by Aug 2018, after 1 year from starting my Masters i.e. Aug 2019 (after completing 2 semesters at school), can i change my visa from L1B to F1 (of course i ll resign from my current job after F1 approval)?
    3. If yes, after 1 more year, i.e. Aug 2020, I should have finished my Masters by then. Am I eligible for OPT given that i did my Masters part time (some semesters on L1 and some semesters on F1)?
    4. While I am on OPT, am i eligible to H1B from my potential future employer?
    I have tried to find an answer for this a lot but i didnt find any specific answer so far.
    Basically I am moving from L1B to F1 and later to H1B
    Please let me know.