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Travelling when H1 petition is pending

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  • Travelling when H1 petition is pending

    I am on H1 B visa in US and want to get married in May 2018.I have the following questions.I greatly appreciate your advice.

    1)My Fiancee is in India.We will be getting married in the first week of May 2018.An employer is ready to file H1B for her .After getting married I wish to bring her on H4 visa in June/July.
    a)Is it OK to come to US on H4 and then convert (COS) to H1B after October 1, 2018 if her petition is picked in lottery and approved?
    b)Will the H1B petition stay valid even if she goes for H4 stamping?

    2)My Sister is on OPT and in US and her employer agreed to file H1B for her as this will be her last but one chance at lottery.We want her to attend our wedding in May 2018.
    a)Is there a possibility for her to travel in May, if she files in April 2018 without her petition being cancelled?
    b)If not in May , can she travel any other time before October 2018 and how risky is it?