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H1B Transfer to Big4 Consulting

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  • H1B Transfer to Big4 Consulting

    hello everyone.

    I'm planning to take an offer from one of the big 4 consulting companies, but i wanted to know how their H1B Legal teams are, like:
    1. How good is their legal team?
    2. In the current situation is it good to transfer my H1B to them (i'm in a full time job, with over 6 years in H1B, EB2)
    3. I hear news from some CTS folks that they are getting 1 year H1B extensions only and not 3 years, is this only for H1B dependent companies (like TCS, wipro, CTS) or even for management consulting companies like the big 4... (i'm in IT and not management)
    4. if i take the job, its going to be a travelling job (working at client site - direct client only, no vendors or layers). Will this be a problem under current H1B landscape..?
    5. What is their GC policy - like will they start doing it from day 1 or will they ask me to wait for 1 year... etc
    6. If my H1B transfer is denied, can i continue to work for my current employer (where i have 3 year H1B extension..)
    7. What are other uncertainties, that I should consider before taking this consulting job.

    My main concern is 1 H1B extensions instead of 3 year extension (after I-140). Any advice would be appreciated. Let me know if you need further details to answer.

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    Any help guys??