Hi All,

Need some experiences/advises.

My original H1b transfer petition is approved till 09/2019. I had an amendment last year for new client which is approved till 06/2019. I recently got a new project and applied for another amendment in 02/2019. This amendment got denied on Specialty occupation.

We still need to receive denial letter.
I am trying to evaluate all the options in hand.
So need some expert advise/experience in such situations that you might have come across or heard of.

My employer says, he will apply for new amendment again. Is it a safe bet to do so. And I would like to know what will happen to my H1 status from day1 of amendment applied date till the date it is denied. And from Denial date till we apply for new amendment for same client again.
Can I continue to work till we apply for another amendment or not for same project and client?

Thanks in advance.