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H1B amendment RFE for location change

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  • H1B amendment RFE for location change

    I?m working for a reputed Indian company for Client A at location in CA and have a valid H1B till August 2020.
    My client moved it?s location from Milpitas to San Jose. The distance between offices is just 2 miles.
    There is no change in the role, client, project etc. My company has filed a H1 amendment petition for location change as petition salary for new location is different and I have got a RFE for the same.

    My question is if the H1 amendment is rejected, can I still work for the same client using my original H1B.
    My client has some other offices in Milpitas. So can I work from those offices using my valid H1B without filing amendment as location is within 50 miles

    Please advise