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H4 visa dropbox waiver eligible, but H1B stamping not done

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  • H4 visa dropbox waiver eligible, but H1B stamping not done

    Hi, can someone please help me out here (H4 dependent). Primary applicant (H1B) holds a "F" VISA stamping in passport. Post, F VISA, the VISA was changed to H1B. No H1B VISA stamping in passport was done, as my spouse after moving out of school is yet to travel to India.
    I however, hold a H4 VISA which expired on Sept-2017. I am traveling now to India. Was setting up the appointment, and after answering all the questions it is showing that I am eligible for "dropbox" interview waiver as my H4 VISA expired within 12months. However, my questions is whether I really qualify as there is no primary applicant H1B VISA stamping document that I can use as supporting (he has his H1B VISA status change valid till 2020). At the same time, there is no way for me to get an interview scheduled without saying that my H4 VISA expired more than 12 months.
    Can submit my spouse (primary applicant) H1B status change document? What options do I have....