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i797-A Wrong End Date | H1B Visa | Lawyer or HR Error

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  • i797-A Wrong End Date | H1B Visa | Lawyer or HR Error

    I recently received my H1B approval notice (i797-A) and it's valid only for 11 months instead of approximately 3 years.

    The problem is my company HR sent me the H1B application to review before submitting to USCIS and I found the error in end date, I asked the person who sent me the documents to review to get it corrected and she acknowledged the error and said she will forward it to the lawyer for correction and that it'll be done.

    Clearly either the lawyer or my company HR failed to do so and now I'll have to apply for extension again next year and also in 3 years which is just a waste of lot of resources, time and extension application fee.

    My question is can my lawyer get this corrected right now or are the dates already set and can't be changed?

    It's just ruining my day and I'm frustrated.