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Specific DS-160 Question

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  • Specific DS-160 Question

    Hi all-

    I am a little confused about how to fill in a bit of information in the DS-160 I'm filing and was hoping someone who knows this stuff could help me tackle it.


    I graduated from a graduate/masters degree in the US in May 2018. I had a job offer before that and my prospective employer filed an H1B petition for me under the 2018 cap, which was approved.

    Prior to my graduation, I had taken some time off from university, rendering me ineligible for OPT.

    My employer provided some guidance along with the H1B petition approval, which said that following my graduation, I had to return to the home country consulate, apply for the H1B visa stamp, and then re-enter the US under the new H1B status (in place of the old F1 status) to commence my employment in September 2018.

    In the H1B petition that was filed on my behalf in mid-2017 the intended dates of employment have been filled as a range from October 2017 to March 2020.


    When filling the DS-160, it asks me for my Present Employer. If I fill in my Employer's Name, it asks me for a Start Date. I am due to start on my return to the US in September 2018.

    However, the form does not accept a Start Date in the future, presumably taking Present Employer to mean that you have already started work.

    Since I have graduated, it would be incorrect to fill in the form as a 'Student'.

    I'm unsure what to do. Should I fill in the Start Date, as the Intended Start Date of Employment from the H1B petition document (i.e. October 2017) although I did not technically start working then? Would that make the consulate wonder how I started working in 2017 without an H1B stamp?

    Any advice/expertise out there?

    Thanks very much.

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    I am in a similar situation .. can you share what worked for you ????? TIA

    Hi there !!

    Can you share what worked for you?? I am in the exact same situation where my start date is a future date after my interview.