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H1 visa stamping in Toronto

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  • H1 visa stamping in Toronto

    I am a little nervous because i have an appointment for June 22 at the american consulate for my H1 stamping in Toronto. Has anyone recently been to Toronto for stamping? I hope they are not rejecting anyone.....i am pregnant but I SIMPLY HAVE TO HAVE MY VISA STAMPED! I am very scared. Any response from anyone is greatly appreciated.

    In how many days are they returning the visas?

    Has anyone been approved or rejected recently? If rejected, please tell me the reasons why they rejected you. I am very thankful for all your responses.

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    I helped my friend

    My Friendn got it 7 days ago. I live in Toronto. So I picked him up and drop him at the air port and Toronto Consulate. Let me know if you need any help. Send me a PM (Private Message). It was easy, as long as you have the all the documents. It takes about 15 mintues.