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Implications of H3 visa

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  • Implications of H3 visa

    Currently my wife (from Peru) and I (from the Netherlands) reside in the US on J2 and J1 visas respectively. I am switching from J1 to H1B, and my wife is being offered an H3 visa by her company. I have several questions about the potential implications of that visa:

    1. Will my wife be able to switch to an H4 visa at the end of the 2 year duration of the H3? Would this require her to leave and reenter the country?
    2. The H3 visa requires non-immigrant intent. Our original plan was for my wife to go on the H4 and then to apply for permanent residence (I will apply for EB-2). Will we still be able to do this while she is on the H3? Any special considerations?

    Thank you in advance!