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H1B transfer denied

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  • H1B transfer denied

    HI All ,

    need urgent help.
    i got H1B but my employer was not ready to send me due to lack of opportunities.
    so i decided to transfer my H1B with i797 i got.
    i didnt informed my original company that i am going for transfer because they might revoke it.

    i found one employer who was ready for doing transfer but first it got RFE and after that they replied to that RFE but it got denied.

    now my original employer is ready to send me as some requirements came.

    my question is :

    1. i am going for stamping in next two weeks time.
    do i have to worry because of i tried transfer which got denied. would it affect stamping.

    2. do i have enter any where that transfer i tried got denied on DS - 160.

    3. normally H1B stamping is quick with couple of questions. will they ask extra questions for me.

    4. will it reflect anywhere that this reciept no. went for transfer but got denial.

    thanks in advance.