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  • H4 ead rfe

    Hi All,

    I had applied for H4-EAD on 18 Jun 2018 and received an RFE today 31 Aug 2018 asking for evidence of my parents name.
    Unfortunately my passport doesn't had both of my parent's full name, only first name was mentioned.

    My marriage certificate, birth certificate also has my parent's initials and not the complete full name.
    Will USCIS accepts if I translate my marriage invitation and get notarized as proof.

    My passport is valid till 2025, is it possible to apply for new passport from USA and specify my parent's full name.
    USCIS had notified to respond before 22 Nov, 2018.
    Will I be able to get the passport within that time and what are the documents that I need to provide and what are the consequences that I may expected to face.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi vyuvarajin ,

    Im facing the same issue. can you share details on how did you deal with this issue ? Appreciate your help.