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Help / Advise pleaseee (H1B to H4 EAD)

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  • Help / Advise pleaseee (H1B to H4 EAD)

    Hi Folks,

    I'm Currently on H1b and it's going to expire this sep 30.

    I had a baby so took a break for 3+ month and my employer ( consultancy ) said there is no limit for vacation post pregnancy on H1B and i can extent if wanted.

    I wasn't able to get a job till last month since last Aug ( almost 1 yrs) because all the jobs in and around DC wanted anything other an H1.

    Finally, I found a job now but my employer is asking me to go for H4 EAD and said the H1 extension isn't gone work with the current situation

    1) Should I go for H4EAD
    2) Can I apply for I-539 (COS) + I-797 (EAD) in the same case ( together ) right?
    3) If I apply now and i believe the process will first change my status to H4 and then EAD .... so can I still continue to work after applying for this ??
    4) If I send my application in next few days before my h1b expires and get a receipt than will my H1 (current visa status) will be extended till the new H4EAD kicks in ?? or my H1 will expire on sep30 itself?
    5) i assume as long as i get the receipt number I can at least stay in the US.

    Any advice and help is much appreciated, I don't even know what to do ..... till now I was under impression that once i get a job ...my Employer will file h1 extension but out of the blue they came back saying they won't