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Ten-fingerprinting for 2nd H4 dropbox renewal - need suggestion

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  • Ten-fingerprinting for 2nd H4 dropbox renewal - need suggestion


    My wife is submitting her DS-160 for her H4 visa renewal (2nd renewal) and this question on "have you been ten-finger-printed" came. She is not 100% sure (don't remember) that US consulate took them during her very first visa interview in 2012. So I contacted embassy but they said "we are not permitted to advice on how to fill out DS-160, kindly fill the form truthfully yo the best of your knowledge and as per the documentary evidence that you possess" .. Weird reply but I can understand their position !!!

    When I read online, it turns out US embassy started mandatory "ten-fingerprinting" for every visa interview after 2008. So chances are, my wife has already given them her fingerprints (10 of them!).

    1. Could someone please let me know, what happens if we use drop-box and then US embassy decides to take finger-prints again? Will that increase the processing time to get the visa stamped?
    ---- I traveled earlier this year for an emergency and had to get my H1B stamped, I wrote "YES" for finger-prints questions and got my visa without any issues? (that means when i gave my first visa in 2011, they obviously took it that time)
    3. If my write "YES" even if she is not 100% sure, would that impact anything? - like delay in processing time or other things?

    Please help.