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Help on H1B Stamping

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  • Help on H1B Stamping


    I have changed my job form FT to EVC in Apr -2018 and got H1B approval till Apr-2019. I am planning to go to India in Oct 2nd week and need some advice.

    1. Since I am not eligible for drop-box hence need to appear in Interview. want to how long does it take to get the passsport back once VISA is approved ?

    2. USCIS officer did a site visit in May-2018 ( one month after joining new company) and everything went well and I have provided all documents he requested. Does it have any impact on my stamping process ? Will it help me ? BTW I am taking all required documents with me

    3. This is first time I am going for VISA stamping after my I-140 is approved. Will they ask me any question on my I-140 ?

    Appreciate your response.