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What happens if H1B amendment gets denied?

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  • What happens if H1B amendment gets denied?

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently on an H1B and I want to move job locations with the same employer. As you know, this requires an amendment to the H1B. Unfortunately, premium processing will no longer be available for such a petition beginning September 11. However, according to regulation, one can start working at the new job location once the petition is received by USCIS.

    My question: what happens if the employee starts working at the new location, but the petition is subsequently rejected? Can the employee move back to the original location for which the H1B was approved and resume working there? Without premium processing, a petition can take many months, so waiting until it gets adjudicated fully is difficult.


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    What happens if H1B amendment gets denied?

    Yes.. You are right. you can go back to the location on your approved petition and start working there if the amendment is rejected.