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DS-5535 Admin processing DropBox

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  • DS-5535 Admin processing DropBox

    Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to process DS-5535 form?
    It was my dropbox stamping, issued 221g white, went for the interview and fingerprints, regular questioning, no documents asked, gave ds-5535 through email, replied next day(9/14/2018). They retained passports(H1/H4) and asked to wait for 3 weeks.
    Any related information would be helpful.

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    Ds5535 admins process

    Hi even my husband has same questions. Did you get any reply yet?


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      DS5535 processing during government shutdown

      Hi r221g,

      Have you heard anything back regarding your visa status? I went for H1B visa interview on Nov 13, 2018 at New Delhi consulate and was asked to fill form DS5535 and email it back, which I did on Nov 14, 2018. After that I haven't heard anything back from embassy, its been more than 60 days now. Last case status update online is Nov 13, 2018. I am not sure if DS5535 cases are even being worked upon during government shutdown?

      Any information you can share will be helpful?



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        Pending DS5535

        Even I am on the same boat. Its been more than 1 month so far. Also, I did not get any acknowledgment from Chennai, saying DS5535 form was received.
        Did you get acknowledgment?? any Idea how long is it going to take?