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H1B Grace Period and Other Options

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  • H1B Grace Period and Other Options

    Hello Everyone,
    I was working on H1B and i have my I140 approved in Feb. I was recently let go from my current job in which i was working for 5 years and used 5 years of my H1. My H1 is expiring in Sept 2019. Also, my wife is on H1 with another company.

    I am in the grace period looking for new opportunities and hopefully would find soemthing but in case i dont. Could you guys let me know what options do i have apart from one's mentioned below ?

    1. Look for a job and receipt generated from new Employer and work on receipt
    2. If i don't find a new job then probably go on H4 on my wife's H1 and then look for another job. Hopefully by Feb we get premium processing available for H1 transfer.
    3. What is the current processing times for H1 to H4 ?
    Can i travel while my profile is still with USCIS for H1 to H4 Transfer ? and if the profile is still with USCIS and get a new job. Could i apply for H1 ?

    Do i have any other option ?

    Please let me know as i am desperate need

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