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H1B extension

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  • H1B extension

    I came to US on Nov 2008 and stayed here until 2012 January. I was not given visa because of EVC model at the time of interview and since then i'm working in India(2012 - till date).
    i have applied on cap exemption in 2017 under premium processing and got approved for 1 year (Oct 27 2017-Oct 26 2018). I went to embassy on Oct 12th 2018 and it got approved, i came to US on 22nd Oct 2018 and I94 given until Nov 5 2018.

    Please help me to understand how to proceed further:

    1.Am i eligible for premium processing?
    2.If not how long it will take for normal processing to be approved because i was on medical leave for 2 months from my current organization(India)

    Any help will be much appreciated.