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H1-B Extension Drop Box in India Vs Canada Stamping

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  • H1-B Extension Drop Box in India Vs Canada Stamping

    Hello Friends - I have a family wedding in India during end of Decemeber, and i recently joined a full time position. My employer isn't agreeing me to travel out of country within the first one year but i have to go for this family wedding. Upon requesting him multiple times, he accepted for a 10 day leave during christmas time(6 holidays + 4 business days). I have to go for stamping this time if i travel out of country and when i filled up the questionnaire in the UStravel docs website, it shows i am eligible for drop box. My question is will i be able to get my passport back in those 4 business days at hyderabad location?
    If not shall i travel to Canada and get my visa stamped and then travel to India? As of now at all the locations in Canada the first date available for stamping is in Jan. I am hoping for any cancellation so that i can book a slot, what are the chances? please advise.