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Chances of H1 rejection due to multiple transfers

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  • Chances of H1 rejection due to multiple transfers


    I was working in company A few months back.
    I got an offer through a consultancy 'B' and joined new job based on receipt notice for transfer.
    Then, since project completed, I had to move to different client with same consultancy. But, transfer filed by consultancy was still pending. So, amendment cannot be done,
    and ended up with new concurrent transfer filed by same consultancy and joined new project on receipt notice.
    Now, I have got offer from another US company 'C' as a full-time directly. They are ready to apply for transfer now. And they want me to join on receipt notice.
    So, current status is,
    1. First Transfer petition filed by consultancy which is under 'RFE'
    2. Second Transfer petition filed by same consultancy which is still in 'Case Received'
    3. New transfer petition filed by US Company for FTE position - In 'Case Received' status.

    Can you please share your opinion, whether these multiple transfer petitions may impact the approval odds of the transfer filed by company 'C' ?