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Switching from H1b exempt to H1b nonexempt

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  • Switching from H1b exempt to H1b nonexempt

    I’m a doctor and I’ve been working in US on H1b (cap-exempt) with Employer A (valid till June 2019). Employer B (non-cap exempt) filed a contingent visa in May 23rd, along with H1b (lottery) in April. Both are pending approval. However, I’ve resigned from the Employer A as per October 30th.
    In November, I started working for this employer B thinking that I’ve contingent visa valid till June of next year. Now I’ve stopped working knowing that its not legal to do so.

    My question is am I legally allowed to stay in US while I wait for my Employer B H1b approval? Or do I need to go back to my home country till H1b is processed?