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I-129 (H1B extension) petition is approved and received a note on I-824.

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  • I-129 (H1B extension) petition is approved and received a note on I-824.


    I am currently in the US and recently my I-129 (H1B extension) petition was approved and USCIS sent I-797C to my employer along with a note,

    “The Form I-129 was submitted requesting an extension of stay or change of status, and you either did not include a duplicate copy of the petition, or did not clearly indicate that the duplicate was submitted expressly for the purpose of future consular notification.
    The condition reflected above may affect the beneficiary’s ability to obtain a visa at the consular office. If required you may file a Form I-824, application for action on an Approved application or Petition. With the appropriate fee and include the duplicate form I-129 with a complete set of all supporting documentation in order to request that USCIS notify the consular office and forward the duplicate Form I-129 to the Kentucky Consular center for processing.”

    The lawyer for my firm didn’t receive any such note. I am planning to visit India and go for visa stamping. Would you have any advice on how I can confirm that my petition details are uploaded to PIMS and I can go for visa stamping? Can USCIS customer service clarify this?

    Has anyone been in such situation? I would very much appreciate your advice.

    Thank you very much,

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    How did it go?


    I got an identical letter. Both my H1 petition and extension of stay were approved. I also received a I-94 attached below the approved petition. So completely confused what this new letter means because I have never seen it before.

    Were you able to go for your stamping? If yes, how was the experience?


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      Hi, i have a similar situation now where i received a I797C with the letter. Can you tell me how many days after receiving that letter you received the I797A/I797B. Thanks.