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H1b Transfer initiate and get pay stubs from both employers

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  • H1b Transfer initiate and get pay stubs from both employers


    I have a H1b Transfer initiated from a new employer. Received a receipt number and I believe I can join the new employer with the receipt number which still has a risk of getting denied. The new employer is asking to join asap and I do not want to inform my current employer yet. I want to wait until the new h1 petition/h1 transfer is approved. I have unused 4-5 weeks of paid vacation remaining and I'm also planning to get premium processing done on the h1 transfer. Is it legal if I go on vacation at current employer (paid holidays so pay stubs will be generated until I quit) and accpet and start working for new employer with a h1b transfer receipt ? Any other options I have other than convincing the new employer to wait for a couple of weeks ?

    Basically comes down to working for both employers after receiving h1b receipt and when h1 transfer is not yet approved.

    EDIT: I understand premium processing is not active until feb 19. I'm trying to get my joining date close to that and planning to take vacation at old employer and join new
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