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H1b and H4 filed during same time frame - any risks?

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  • H1b and H4 filed during same time frame - any risks?

    I am currently working in the USA on my H1B visa an dmy husband is in India. His H1B was filed last year in April by his employer and we have not yet received any verdict (not even a notification about RFE). USCIS does not even display his case status (says case number is not valid). His lawyer tells him that money was deducted for his petition. We do not know when we will hear back. So we are planning on filing an H4 visa for him to come to the states. Now my question is - when he goes for his H4 interview, what if they ask him "are there any other petitions that you have filed for US visa" ? He has to reveal that H1B is in progress. Does that increase the risk of H4 rejection?
    Also vice versa - if he schedules an interview date for H4 and luckily gets his H1B before he goes for H4 interview - then does he need to reveal that he had scheduled H4 interview? Does that affect his H1b interview?
    The lowest risk option is to wait for H1b verdict.
    We are super confused on what to do and really appreciate your help.