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221G in India-Hyderabad consulate on Dec 21

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  • 221G in India-Hyderabad consulate on Dec 21

    I have a PhD in chemical engg and got approved for H1B. I visited India during december and gave my visa interview on 21-Dec. they gave me a 221G and asked for questionnaire, biodata and company letter which I did on the same day. Its been 4 weeks exactly today. I have not had any update from them since. My questions:
    a) How long does this process typically take?
    b) Is govt shutdown delaying this process?
    c) Do I need to do anything extra and what can I expect from now?
    Please advise. Thank You

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    I am in the same situation

    VISA interview date: 11th Jan, 2019
    Passport returned, the case is still in administrative processing

    Did you hear anything from them?