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H4 interview process immediately after my H1B interview

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  • H4 interview process immediately after my H1B interview


    I have done my h1b interview (First time h1b) at Hyderabad and visa got approved in last week. I am going to fly in march first week.
    Unfortunately I was unable to take my wife, kid for the interview along with me. Now I have my passport with approved visa in my hand. The plan is they are going to come to US after 2 months. So I have created a separate account with my wife email id and filled two different D-160 forms for both of them and paid the visa fee. I added my wife name for my kid D-160 as "other person travelling with you" section and added my kid name for my wife D-160 for the same section.

    Now my question is " can they attend h4 visa interview before I travel to US? ". Some where I read like "payslips of h1b holder is required for h4 interview" and also a letter from h1b holder employer stating that nature of relationship between primary visa holder and employer". is that true? Please suggest.

    Appreciate your quick help.