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H1B denial and request to Appeal

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  • H1B denial and request to Appeal


    I am current on STEM OPT which expires on Feb18th, 2019.

    My H1b visa got got selected in 2018 lottery, and we responded to RFE in Dec 19 2018 and got denied on Jan 14th.

    My employer is appealing the decision and will send the appeal before Feb 12th.

    I have few quesitons:

    1. How long does it take for appeal decision to come?

    2. How long can I stay after Feb 18th?

    2. In case I have to leave US, does my appeal stand or it gets terminated since I had to leave the country.

    3. What if I move to Canada, does my appeal still stand or it gets terminated?

    4. Can I apply for a new H1 in 2019 through same employer?