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H4 visa stamping in home country

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  • H4 visa stamping in home country

    Hello ,

    My current H1B expires end of August 2019. My spouse who has been on F1, traveled to home country and is about to attend H4 visa interview (Changing from F1 to H4). While we are reviewing documents, I found that the H1-B extension Application filed for me in 2016 had an error in it. My educational background was incorrect (Lawyer mixed up with my fellow employee's educational background). My application was approved. Fast forward now, I found that error, and the employment letter template that my lawyer provided me so my spouse can carry it for the interview, has also the same error!

    I am worried how this many affect my spouse's impending H4 visa stamping. Should I have my employer print a new employment letter with correct educational background, which obviously will be different from what was on the H1b extension application filing in 2016 (which my spouse is carrying with her to the interview in case they ask her).

    Please suggest us on what would be the best way to solve this. Thank you!