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H1 visa dropbox eligibility question

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  • H1 visa dropbox eligibility question

    Hello Shervin/Raghvi !

    I am residing in the US on H-1B visa. My current H-1B expires on March 31st, 2019 and my H-B transfer/extension has already been approved until 2021. I am planning to go to India in April 2019 for visa stamping.

    While filling out the questionnaire for dropbox IWP and I need assistance as to understand what should be my answer to below question.

    "Is your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid?"

    ---> Based on today my visa is still Valid as it expires on March 31. But do I reply yes or no to this question given that my stamp would be expired when in go for stamping / interview.

    Thank you in advance.