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221g blue issued at Chennai Consulate

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  • 221g blue issued at Chennai Consulate

    Hello Everyone,
    I had my H1B stamping interview at the Chennai Consulate. Was issued a 221g(blue) asking for client details and tax docs for the company

    I am actually a full time employee at a tech company in the Bay Area that sells software to customers, i as a consultant travel to the customer site 10% of the time for workshops, trainings. I do not work for a staffing agency.

    Documents Asked
    1) Client Letter
    2) Tax returns
    3) Project Description, No of people assigned to the project, etc
    4) Market Demand for the final Product

    The lawyers have submitted docs to justify the same and also the bonafides of the company like the in-house product details and documents to show that we have a physical office space.

    Has anybody faced this? It has been 5 weeks since the attorneys submitted the docs and the CEAC site still shows AP

    Any help is appreciated