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H4 visa - First entry after one year of stamping

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  • H4 visa - First entry after one year of stamping

    Me and my family had our H1/H4 visas stamped on January 2018. I have since traveled to US on my H1 visa and is currently residing here. My wife and child are in India and they intent to visit me during March/April of this year. One of my friends happened to mention that if H4 visa holders have not made their first entry into US within one year of visa stamping, they may need to take some additional actions. My friend has heard this from someone else and is himself not sure of the veracity or what exactly needs to be done.

    I cannot myself find any reference to such a rule anywhere which makes me suspect that this is false. I humbly request informed forum members shed some light on this. it would put me at ease as my family is preparing for the trip.