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221g Issued for H4 Stamping through a drop box

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  • 221g Issued for H4 Stamping through a drop box


    We had our H1B petition extended in Aug 2018 and it is valid till May 2021. Our stamped Visa was expired in Jul 2018.

    My wife and kids had to travel to India 2 weeks back due to emergency in her family (I did not travel, I am in US) and she was eligible for drop box for H4 stamping. She dropped the document, passports and copy of my 797A (H1B Extention petition) to the Mumbai drop box.

    After a week, she collected a passport without stamping done. She got a 221g (light green) that asked her to submit Husbands (my) current active Visa. But I do not have active visa stamped on my passport as I did not leave USA after the last petition extension.

    She provided the same explanation on a hand written letter and submitted the documents including passports back to drop box center. We are waiting for last 4 days and status is still showing Administrative processing and passport with Consulate.

    Has anyone faced similar situation ? Is it not allowed for H4 to get a stamping done based on primary application H1b extension petition if primary applicant is legally in USA ?