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H4 child over 14 - PA with both parents abroad

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  • H4 child over 14 - PA with both parents abroad

    Last time when I did drop box after visa extension, my child was not eligible for drop box, as he had just turned 14. Now I have come back to US, and my spouse in a different country. I have got the PA for my child - and my sister would be taking him for the interview. What are the additional documents required in this case? Is there any risk for having the interview like this, or should I go in person with him? PLease help!

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    How did it go, I am in the same boat

    Hi, did it go well. Was the stamping done. Were there any complications.
    I am in the same boat, my daughter is 16 yrs old and travel alone to India for personal appearance.

    Your response is highly appreciated.


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      PA date is mid April. Trying to get an NoC format.