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I-140 has been withdrawn from previous employer

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  • I-140 has been withdrawn from previous employer

    Hello Friends,

    My I-140 was approved in 08/2017 from company A and i left my employer in 04/2018. My employer filed for withdrawing i140 in 08/2018 to uscis and it got approved. Technically it should not be withdrawn as I was with my employee more than 180 days right? Uscis has to check for my i-140 was approved since more than 180 days of withdrawn request. My new company B has not filed for my I-140 yet.

    Due to this, my wife got RFE in H4 EAD extension. In REF USCIS asking for approved copy of I-140. Now whom should i fight for this? anyone on the same boat like me here?