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Valid B1 to H4- Plzz advise me ASAP

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  • Valid B1 to H4- Plzz advise me ASAP

    Hi Immi help,

    I am having valid B1 visa for USA (10 year multiple)

    recently visited USA on a business trip and returned back to india.

    now i want to travel to USA ,My husband is working with valid H1 visa in USA.

    shall i apply for H4 visa ?
    what will happen for my current B1 visa - If I attend to H4 and please tell me chances of getting H4 visa?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can very well apply for your H4 visa as your husband in on H1. Till your
    H4 does not get stamped your B1 will not be cancelled. You cannot hold two visa status at one time. In the case they did not approve your H4 and say you to furnish some documents your B1 is still valid.

    Chances of getting H4 stamped shoudl not be bad if you have all ur papers with you.

    You can have a look at the Visa section of any U.S consulate in India to know which all paper are needed and you should get it done I think.



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      Best option would be for you to travel to the US on a H4 stamping. Do not try to change status within the US as later if you happen to come out of US thenyou will need a H4 visa stamped and at that point of time you might have to face the consequences of disobeying the non-immigrant intent of the B1 visa.