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I 94 expiry H4 Visa

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  • I 94 expiry H4 Visa

    I am on H4 Visa. I have applied for H4 extension on June1 2006 on my own. I have received the Receipt no from USCIS but the processing times on the website for extension are listed as 3-4mths. And date listed on I-94 is Aug 24,2006.So, my I-94 will expire even before my application gets processed by USCIS.

    a) Can I still stay in USA beyond August as I have received the Receipt no from USCIS and my application is under processing ?
    b) What can I do so that my visa application gets processed before my I-94 expires, is there premium processing possible or any way can i expedite the process ?
    c) If I have to go back to India can I apply to consulate for visa extension (My application is already under processing in USA). How can I again get back to USA at the earliest.
    d) How long should I be waiting for USCIS reply ?