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H4 problem, Pls help me...........

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  • H4 problem, Pls help me...........

    i am suren, workin in USA on H1B. in June my spouse n kids went to Chennai for H4 visa n got refused. In the year 2002 i applied for Temporary business visa to Australia with my family as dependents got refused in 2003, because of bulk rejection of all visas, which were filed by our client in australia. and in the year 2004 my passport got expired n, have taken a new passport. this new passport hasnt have any refusal stamp by australian consulate. but family has those stamp on their passport, which r quite new.
    i have taken my new passport to US at the time my stamping. those consulate people hasn't aware of my australian refusal. but at the time of my family interview in chennai, those people have asked my spouse abt the Australian refusal stamp. which has created probelm. unfortuantely, we lost the Austrlian vsia refusal letter n old passport was with me in the US.
    The visa officer asked my abt the refusal n she said that u lieing somthing which u dont want to tell. but my wife had not do with that refusal. she doesnt even have the qualification also. and the VO demanded her to write a written letter to me. but she finally told her that i am getting angry on u for ur lies, n i advise u to go after 1 year but becoz ur spouse finacial position. finally she said that i cant giv u visa.
    Really i dont now what should i do with my problem, but i written to Australian consulate requestin refusal letter. i sent them couple of FAXes alos. as u all know that they wont entertian such king correspondence.
    pls adivce me that again i am planin to send my family for H4. pls give the suggestions to me. this time i am sendin the old passport copy. shall write any declaration to them? pls advice me................ [email protected][/QUOTE]